my customs are currently closed!
to make a request please fill out this form.
(if you are requesting multiple items please include it all in one form! thank u !!<3)

how it works
once you have filled out the form, you will be put onto a waitlist and contacted by me !
2. i will give you a price estimate & an idea of how long your custom will take, you'll be directed to a listing on my website to pay for your custom!
i will follow up with progress images and would love your feedback, this is your design!

custom policies

will do

- silver earrings & keychains based on your design / idea !
- remakes of sold out products (if possible)
won't do
- gold jewellery / keychains (sorry! hopefully soon)
- necklaces (also available soon)
- remakes of another artists product

all customs require full payment including postage before i start creating your piece! see below for pricing details.
custom orders may require me to order specific beads and charms, recieve beads from you, etc. please be patient with me as i create your request 

all customs start at £10 
per item (not including postage)
additional cost will vary depending on the complexity of your design/request! you are very free to decline after i contact you, or we can work together to simplify the design :)
final prices will range between £10-25.

other info
i'm very open to using specific beads that you own! if you are happy to send them to me! :)
if you have specific requests for beads for me to use please link them in the form.
please be patient if i haven't contacted you yet! i will get to everyone on the waitlist